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We currently are a team of two Technology Troubleshooting Experts on Linux; MacOS; and MS Windows Operating Systems.  Our center piece is making the power of Computers Free and Inexpensive for all of us.  If you are an Individual we will offer our existing skills and tools to solve your Technology Issues.  If you are a Start-up or Small Business we will trouble shoot your issues till we have the solution for you at a competitive Price.  We are Part of the Open Source Communities that are presently pushing Digital Technologies to their Limit as a guide to our collective Future.  As a great American President once said "This will not be achieved in the first 100 days, or the first 1000 days, nor the Life Time of this Administration, BUT LET US BEGIN..

Same Dream For Ourselves and Our Clients:

I have been working in the Open Source Initiatives for over 10 Years now and can assure you we can put you in a direction to decrease your IT costs.  Our Teams Dream is to move our Client Base to the next level of efficiency.  We hope and expect for that to be one of your Dreams, if not, why not?

Efficiency leads to productivity gains.  That should be a goal for any individual / Commercial interest.  So join a team that  is on board with your Dream, together we can make a difference.


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