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Good Morning Everyone

Today marks our start-up Date March 15, 2020. The initial signs are positive for the role out. Our Digital Marketing Firm has registered a solid number of clicks on the website. I hesitated to allow and bookings till we are more firmly on the ground. My two associates have collaborated yesterday and provided the effort a number of services to offer that they are comfortable with:

Timothy Ashby

Website Design - Timothy will be our lead.

Mena Beshai - This list of tasks Mena will lead

fix slow pc's virus removal upgrades network issues(slow internet,connection issues,logging in issues) install/reinstall OS's/software(windows xp SP3, 7 pro, 8.1 pro, 10 edu, most linux debian based OS's) mic issues(VOIP) webcam issues data recovery/backup privacy setup(vpn, increase your security) heating issues hardware issues remote desktop service (via Remmina)

As for myself, I will lead Client Qualification Process. The Primary way off contacting the team is to call 561-577-2635. This will be the case for the time it takes to stucture the start-up effort. While certain measures have been taken.