We offer services of virtually limitless boundaries.  Our Open Source Initiative leads us into infinite possibilities.  We are not of this world, or finite, we Dream.  Remote Troubleshooting is the approach that dominates the IT industry, on site solutions are no longer practical, except for Large Enterprises, that will choose costly solutions on account of their non-Agile Bureaucracies.  We do not seek clients.  They are on there own, and capable of absorbing costs.  The Individual and Small Commercial interests are not, and will not.  Join us and push us to the limit.  Please.

Interactive Remote Support

We will work with Remotely using Remmina Open Source VNC (Virtual Network Computer) Package to Diagnose the issues and correct the problem issues.  Thousands of dollar savings over TeamViewer, a proprietary offering for Remote Troubleshooting.


Linux is the Leader in Networking Technology.  This Domain is not a Microsoft Windows arena for two major asens:  Cost and Efficiency.  If your on the Internet you are into Networking, Linux's Domain.


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